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In Concert with Danish National Concert Orchestra and Choir  2009年5月26日発売


Official DVD

Best of Musikladen Live

古い映像の割には高画質。Matthew FisherヴォーカルだったPilgrim's ProgressをGary Brookerが歌っている。

Led by pianist&Vocal Gary Brooker, this 1971 Germany Beat Club Workshop showcases the band at the height of their career.
The show features B.J. Wilson on drums, Chris Chopping on organ, Dave Ball on guitar, Allan Cartwright on bass,
and Gary Brooker on piano and vocals.
Two bonus tracks, "Drunk Again" and "Grand Hotel," were added from a 1974 appearance. 45 minutes.
Right one is Japanese edition.

Track Listing:
Shine On Brightly,
In The Wee Small Hours of Sixpence,
Still There'll Be More,
Pilgrim's Progress,
Quite Rightly So,
Magdalene My Regal Zonophone,
Power Failure,
A Salty Dog (ソルティ・ドッグ)
Simple Sister,
Drunk Again,
Grand Hotel (グランド・ホテル)

Procol Harum - Live From Copenhagen [2002]

字幕付きの国内盤が2006年8月9日に「ライヴ・イン・デンマーク 2001 」として発売されます。

This DVD captures the band performing many of their most popular tracks in Copenhagen, Denmark on 15th December 2001.

1st issue& 2nd issue

Track Listing:
1.Homburg (ハンバーグ)
2.Quite Rightly So
3.A Salty Dog (ソルティ・ドッグ)
4.In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence
5.Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)
7.Fires (Which Burnt Brightly)
8.Seem To Have the Blues (Most All of the Time)
9.Memorial Drive
10.Grand Hotel (グランド・ホテル)
11.Wizard Man
12.We Wish You a Merry Christmas
13.Beyond the Pale
14.A Salty Dog
15.A Dream in Every Home
16.A Christmas Camel
17.New Lamps For Old
18.As Strong as Samson
19.Last two lines of Silent Night - instrumental
20.Repent Walpurgis (ヴァルプルギスの後悔)
21.Conquistador (征服者)
22.A Whiter Shade of Pale (青い影)
23.Oh, Come All Ye Faithful

Procol Harum EP [2003]


Recorded from German Television appearances between 1968-1971 and digitally remastered. 4 tracks.

Track listing
1. Homburg (1968)
2. Quite Rightly So (1968)
3. A Salty Dog (1969)
4. In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence (1971)

Live at the Union Chapel


This DVD is the record of the final performance of the band's 2003 world tour, taped on December 12 before a small London crowd.

Track Listing:
1. Underture (with ヴァルプルギスの後悔 intro)
2. Shine On Brightly
3. Pandora's Box (パンドラの箱)
4. An Old English Dream
5. Grand Hotel (グランド・ホテル)
6. Homburg
7. Quite Rightly So
8. Simple Sister
9. Weisselklenzenacht (The Signature)
10. Shadow Boxed
11. The Question
12. Wall Street Blues
13. This World Is Rich
14. As Strong As Samson
15. Every Dog Will Have Its Day
16. A Salty Dog (ソルティ・ドッグ)
17. Conquistador (征服者)
18. VIP Room
19. Whisky Train
20. Good Captain Clack
21. Whiter Shade Of Pale (青い影)

THE PARAMOUNTS I'm coming home... Live at club Riga Southend-on-Sea,December 2005

Gary Brooker,Mick Brownlee,Chris Copping,Robin Trower

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Bootleg DVD(Collector's DVD)

PROCOL HARUM / CONQUISTADOR = '67 Promo Clips & TV Show at BEAT CLUB, '68 + BEAT WORKSHOP '71 + ROCKPALAST '76 86 min color NTSC 40327

A WHITER SHADES OF PALEの67年プロモ・クリップ、68年のBEAT CLUB、71年のBEAT WORKSHOP,76年のROCKPALASTでのTV show の演奏が収められた作品

Live in Japan 1972 = Live at Osaka Festival Hall,Osaka Japan


Gary Brooker(Piano&Vocal),Alan Cartwright(Bass),Dave Ball(Guitar),Barrie.James.Wilson(Drum),Chris Copping(Organ)
 ゲイリー・ブルッカー       アラン・カートライト       デイヴ・ボール   バリー・ジェームス・ウィルソン  クリス・コピング

1.Whaling stories(邦題:捕鯨物語)
2.Bringing home the bacon
4.Power Failure
5.In the Autumn of Madness(邦題:悪夢より覚めて)
6.Look to your soul(邦題:賢者に捧ぐ歌)
7.A Salty Dog
8.A whiter shade of pale(邦題:青い影)

French TV show 1973&1971


Track listing for 1973 French TV show

1.Bringing home the bacon
2.Grand Hotel
3.Fires (炎の祈り)
4.Salty Dog (ソルティ・ドッグ)
5.Rum Tale
6.Conquistador (征服者)
7.For Liquorice John
8.Power Failure
9.Souvenir of London

Track listing for 1971 French TV show

10.Broken Barricades
11.Salty Dog (ソルティ・ドッグ)
12.Simple Sister
13.Repent Walpurgis(with Gary Brooker longer solo Avemaria part) (ヴァルプルギスの後悔)

PROCOL HARUM / COMPLETE ROCKPALAST 1976 = Live at Rockpalast Studio Jan 17, 1976 52min J050527 (1DVDR)


Gary Brooker(ピアノ)Mick Grabham(ギター)Alan Cartwright(ベース)B. J. Wilson(ドラムス)Chris Copping(オルガン)

Track listing

Conquistador (征服者)
Bringing Home The Bacon
As Strong As Samson
Pandoras Box
The Unquiet zone
Grand Hotel
Souvenir Of London
A Salty Dog (ソルティ・ドッグ)
Nothing But The Truth
Band Introduction
Power Failure

Reunion 1992 With Canada Edmonton Symphonic Orchestra 2
May 1992

画質はそれほど良くないがゲイリー・ブルッカーのソロ作品や最近のライヴでもあまり演奏していない再結成後の名曲「The Truth Won't Fade Away」も収録されており72年以来のオーケストラとの共演の貴重な映像でかなり見所のある作品である。


Ghost Train
Holding On
Man With A Mission
Whisky Train
Grand Hotel (グランド・ホテル)
Into The Flood
A Salty Dog (ソルティ・ドッグ)
(You Can't) Turn Back The Page
The Truth Won't Fade Away
Conquistador (征服者)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale (two verses) (青い影)

The Long Goodbye
Grand Finale
Repent Walpurgis (ヴァルプルギスの後悔)
Conquistador #2

The Lost treasure

Beyond the castle wall in Moscow,March 2001

TV live at Ledreborg Castle,Denmark 2006 Danish Castle Magic


30th Anniversary "The Procol Harum" Documentary 1969/1970 VHS & DVD set


1970 documentary by Robin Copping, Chris Copping's brother. This was produced for, and limitedly sold at the Whiter Shade of Pale 30th anniversay concert in 1997.




VHS(Official release)

ロック映像年鑑'67 Rock'N'Roll The Greatest Years 1967 Volume1 45min released on 1988 CCTV/WGAS

1967年にヒットした曲の中から13グループのプロモーションビデオを収録、プロコル・ハルム「青い影」、ムーディー・ブルース「サテンの夜」、ジミ・ヘンドリックス「ヘイ・ジョー」、ピンク・フロイド「See Emmily Play」、ローリング・ストーンズ「Let's Spend The Night Together」等を収録。

13 groups Promotional Video, Featuring:Jimi Hendrix Experience,Small Faces,Pink Floyd,Sam&Dave,The Four Tops,Otis Redding,Procol Harum,The Moody Blues,Manfred Mann,The Rolling Stones and more!

VHS(Promotional use only,Not for sale)

再結成後発売された「Prodigal Stranger」の1曲目の「Truth won't fade away」のプロモーションビデオ。ロビントロワーはこのプロモには参加していない。

Retail Vision Pop vision Vol.18

12 groups Promotional Video.It includes Procol Harum's "Truth won't fade away"

Keith Reid,Gary Brooker,Dave Bronze,Mark Brzezicki,Mathew Fisher

Collector's VHS

Procol Harum&HENLY McCLOUGH Rockpalast '76

76年のロックパラストライブの映像。画質はあまり良くない。表紙のスペルが間違っておりPROCOL HALMと書かれている。

Live in Moscow 30.5.2001


Gary Brooker   Geoff Whitehorn   Mark Brzezicki     Matt Pegg      Matthew Fisher


Shine on Brightly
Nothing but the Truth
Grand Hotel (グランド・ホテル)
Beyond the Pale
A Salty Dog (ソルティ・ドッグ)
Holding On
Conquistador (征服者)
Whisky Train
A Whiter Shade of Pale (青い影)
Repent Walpurgis (ヴァルプルギスの後悔)