Procol Harum 7inch Vinyl(SP) list (UK,Japan and other country issue)

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UK released SP&EP

A whiter shade of pale/Lime street blues (May/1967,No.1) Deram DM 126 w/original Deram company sleeve

With Deram original sleeve

1st Press EP with darker Deram label(on the above) & 2nd Press EP(on the below).

Homburg/Good Captain Clack (Sep/1967,No.6) Regal Zonophone RZ3002

Quitely rightly so/In the wee small hours of sixpence (?/1968,No.50) Regal Zonophone RZ3007

A Salty Dog/Long gone geek (May/1969,No.44) Regal Zonophone RZ3019 w/original sleeve

Comes with original Regal Zonophon sleeve.The back side introduces other Regal Zonophone released 4 items of LRZ 1001:Procol Harum 1st,LRZ 1002:Move,LRZ 1003:T Rex Marc Bolan and TRZ 2001Something Else.

Conquistador(live)/Luskus delph(live) (Jul/1972,No.22) Chrysalis CHR 2003
Robert Box/A rum tale (Apr/1973,Out of chart) Chrysalis CHR 2010
A Souvenier of London/Toujours L'amour (Aug/1973,Out of chart) Chrysalis CHR 2015
Bringing home the bacon(Edit)/Bringing home the bacon(No Edit) (Promo only,1973) Chrysalis PROMO
Nothing but the truth/Drunk again (Apr/1974,Out of chart) Chrysalis CHR 2032
Pandora's box/The piper's tune (Sep/1975,No.16) Chrysalis CHR 2073
Final Trust/Taking the time (Nov/1975,Out of chart) Chrysalis CHR 2079
As strong as samsong/The unquiet zone (Jan/1976,Out of chart) Chrysalis CHR 2084
Wizard man/Backgammon (Mar/1977,Out of chart) Chrysalis CHR 2138 "NO PHOTO"

No photo for Wizard man

The Truth won't Fade Away(album version)/Learn to Fly (?/1991,Out of chart) BMG PB49159

Paramounts selftitled EP (Aug/78) EMI NUT 2834

Track listing
Poison Ivy
I Feel Good All Over
Blue Ribbons

Japanese released EP

A whiter shade of pale/Lime Street Blues Deram D-1012(Left and 2nd from left) Polydor DW-1063(Right and 2nd from right)

Procol Harum(A whiter shade of pale/Lime Street blues)&Move(Night on fear/I can hear the grass grow) set EP(On the left)
Procol Harum(A whiter shade of pale)&Lovin' spoonful(Daydream) set EP(On the Middle)
Procol Harum(A whiter shade of pale/Homburg) Theme song for Nissan Silvia commercial.(On the right)

Homburg/Good Captain Clack Polydor DP-1565
Skip softly/Rambling on A&M Records AM-40 (1971 1st Oct)
Simple sister/Broken Barricades A&M Records AM-89 (1971 1st Aug)

Quite Rightly So/A Salty Dog A&M Records AM-136 Memorial EP for their Japan tour. (1971 25th Apr)
Conquistador(Live)/All this and more(Live) A&M Records AM-142
Fires/Grand Hotel Chrysalis CH-3

Other Japanese released EP(No photo at the moment)

PROCOL HARUM Quite Rightly So/Rambling On

Rare EP size paper bag.

German released SP&EP

German issued "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" DM126

German Picture labeled 30cm 45rpm Vinyl CUBE

Track listing
A whiter shade of pale

Belgium issued "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" DM13